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Software Development with the latest technologies

IT Support & Outsourced IT Services

Digital & Online Marketing for your company

About Jellytech

Company details

We are a new company created by Michelle and Nicu to offer bespoke software and web development services and solutions for your business. With 18 years of global IT experience including many high-profile clients, we are now aligned to offer you a fully tailor-made development service from consultation through to delivery, training, support and maintenance.

Jellytech exists to make your software development easier, more cost effective and more personal.

Our Services

Software Development

Using C# or VB.NET, SQL databases and very intelligent graphical interfaces we can design and produce customized quality software to help your business expand and to modernize your company.

IT Support

We know that downtime can have a huge effect on your business. We offer effective IT Support services to help increase productivity. We’ll work closely with you to create the ideal IT Support package for your business

Training Sessions

We can offer individual or group training sessions to help staff learn and understand the latest methods of working with your bespoke software package.

Digital & Online Marketing

We can create an entire strategy of marketing with digital presentations, online shops, websites, logo design and e-commerce solutions.

FAQ & Software Development Life Cycle


Because we can offer you all possible IT services, such as: software development, IT support, training sessions for your staff and we can help you to build and expand your business with digital & online marketing..

We use the latest technologies, such as: .NET Framework, cloud computing, lastest versions of IDEs and programming languages.

You can contact us on either of these numbers +44(0)7840077629 +44(0)7547214460 or email us on contact@jelly-tech.co.uk

Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

Saturday 10am to 2pm.

Request from customer

-  Software Development - We will meet with you to discuss how you want your software product to look.

- IT Support - we will meet with you to see what issues your company have in IT field and how we can be resolve these issues.

- Digital & Online Marketing - we will meet with you to schedule all steps needed for a good digital and online marketing campain.

Planning & Offer

- Software Development- We analyze your request and prepare a detailed offer for you.

- IT Support - We analyze the issues and best possibilities to resolve it and prepare an offer for you.

- Digital & Online Marketing - We analyze the all steps for your digital / Online Marketing campain and prepare an offer for you.

Implementation / Support

- Software Development - We will develop / create your software application from 0 to a confirmed full functional software product.

- IT Support - We will create / upgrade / fix your PCs or local network.

- Digital & Online Marketing - We will create all digital and/or online products for you.

Testing / Documentation / Training for staff

- Software Development - We test the software product with you (DEMO / BETA), we will create documentation and also we training your staff to use it.

- IT Support - We create detailed reports about what was created / upgraded / fixed to your PCs or your local network.

- Digital & Online Marketing - We create detailed reports for every step of our support in your marketing campain.


- Software Development - The final software version will be delivered to you as a final product.

- IT Support - We create final reports for you.

- Digital & Online Marketing - We finalize all steps of helping you in your digital & online marketing campain..


What products we can do for you.

--- Presentation Website, Online Store (e-Commerce), CRM, ERP, Customized Software (Customer Oriented Software) ---
--- Software Maintenance, Hardware Maintenance, Networking (L.A.N.) ---
--- Design banners, Logos, Digital Presentations, SEO, Social Platform Marketing ---


Michelle Bagnall

Co-Founder & Customer Support

Nicu-Avram Pocris

Co-Founder, Software Development, IT Support

18 years in IT as Software Developer, Software Engineer, IT Project Manager, IT Manager, CTO Romania and so on

Around 25 international projects

Ex-teacher of Computer Science

More than 20 international certifications

Master Degree (M.Sc.): "Advanced Programming and Databases"

6Sigma Yellow Belt (Management)

SCRUM Fundamentals Certified - SCRUMstudy

Certification (project / research) - International Conference on Modeling and Development Of Intelligent Systems

Certification of Completion - JSON with C# - Microsoft Virtual Academy

Certification of Completion - Testing in Visual Studio 2015 - Microsoft Virtual Academy

IT Management Certified - Software and Databases - ALISON

Certificate of Completion - Quick Start Challenge: Universal Windows Apps in Visual Studio - Microsoft Virtual Academy

Certificate of Completion - Windows 10: Getting Started with UWP - Microsoft Virtual Academy

Certificate of Completion - Xamarin for Absolute Beginners - Microsoft Virtual Academy

Certificate of Completion - Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) for Startups - Microsoft Virtual Academy

Certificate of Completion - Twenty C# Questions Answered - Microsoft Virtual Academy

Certificate of Completion - C# Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners - Microsoft Virtual Academy

Certificate of Completion - Programming C# Jump Start - Microsoft Virtual Academy

Brainbench Certified - ASP.NET 3.5 Fundamentals

Brainbench Certified - Information Technology Terminology

Brainbench Certified - Technical Help Desk

Brainbench Certified - Visual Basic 2008 Fundamentals

Brainbench Certified - Web Design Concepts


Contact us

Call: +44 (0) 121 257 2850
Monday-Friday (9am-5pm)

Web: www.jelly-tech.co.uk

Location: Flat 1, 440 Chester Road North
Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, UK